About The Book

The first edition of this book features over 60 wild local species found across the island of Montreal and the surrounding area. It also has 16 pages of illustrations.

Each page has 4 large full-colour illustrations which correspond to all the plants mentioned. These colour images are meant to help identify the plants in the wild while foraging.

Please note that version 2.0 will be available in Spring 2017. It will bigger and better! More herbs, trees, shrubs, flowers, weeds, etc. Better and bigger colour photos. Recipes, nutritional infornation, herb lore and magical properties will be added as well. Be sure to purchase this limited edition first version to support our future project. You will be rewarded with a discount on the second edition!! Second version will also be available en francais!!

Foraging edible plants in Montreal is easier than you think.


5/5 (8 Reviews)

Francois Grasset

Montreal, QC

Very great job, very interesting and easy to read, a guide that you want to keep with you wandering in montreal. Gives a different perspective of the city.

Valerie Schoof

Verdun, QC

I really like how the photos are together, so when out foraging one can just find the picture, which gives the page number with the info!

Alex Nuta

Ch√Ęteauguay, QC

Well researched and filled with great info. A must-have for anyone in Montreal and ever farther afield in our growth zone. Thanks!

Christophe Henquin

Montreal, QC

Just receiveid my copy and read parts of it. I was sure it would be good. It is actually better than that.

Melissa Baker

Montreal, QC

Got my copy earlier this week. Worth every penny. It's even beter than what I expected! I'd love an extended edition with more plants as well!

Sheena Swirlz

Montreal, QC

Awesome local resource for Montreal`s community!

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Edible & Medicinal Plants of Montreal